174 Fake Eyebrows


I saw a man on the train last week who was wearing a bad salt and pepper wig. He was in his 70’s if I had to guess, and dressed in a crisp business casual outfit.

The wig wasn’t the most interesting thing about him. What was crazy is that he had two enormous eyebrows glued to his forehead. I don’t mean crêpe hair or individual hairs, I mean jet black fake hair attached to stiff plastic that was then glued to his face.

I have a feeling that he has a medical condition that led him to lose all of his hair, but those eyebrows were something else. I almost gasped when I saw his face, as it was   terrifying.



2 thoughts on “174 Fake Eyebrows

  1. My brother works with a guy who doesn’t have fake eyebrows but his eyebrows are up so high on his face he looks like he is in a constant state of surprise. My brother calls him Surprise Guy. I crack up every time my brother talks about him.

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