173 Enough About Me! What About You? With Ronvé

Ronvé is an American rapper, producer, and actor. I met Ronvé at Wright State University studying theater, and 11 years later, he is making his own music in the big apple.


When did you move to NYC for your career?


What brought you to that decision?

It was time to switch things up. I spent four years in Atlanta as an artist and I wanted to challenge myself. If you can make it New York you can make it anywhere.

You were born in Queens, and then moved to Marietta, Georgia when you were 4 years old. Do you think your life would be any different if you had stayed in Queens?

I’m sure I’d have a thicker NY accent, a better sense of direction, no strong opinions on sweet tea versus unsweet tea, and I probably wouldn’t have my driver’s license. Other than that, I believe you are who you are when you’re born, doesn’t matter the environment. I’m pretty sure I’d be the same person I am now, as far as personality.

What is your advice to anyone thinking about moving here?

Do it! Just be ready for higher rent and less privacy!

I know you primarily as an actor. What drove you to become a rapper?

It’s crazy; rap was my passion long before I thought about acting or theater. I only attended college as a theater major because I couldn’t be a “rap” major. Even when you and I worked together as actors in Fiddler on the Roof, I was using my downtime backstage to write new raps, practicing my craft. It wasn’t until I found myself doing a God awful dinner-theatre production in the middle of nowhere Ohio, getting paid pennies, when I decided to focus on music full time. I figured if I’m going to get paid nothing, I may as well do my passion.

What is on the horizon for you and your music?

I have a few things in the works! I’m working on a new album called Motivation Music. I’m very proud of this album; I think people will be able to clearly see my growth since my last album He Speaks So Well in 2011. Production-wise, it’s way ahead of anything I’ve ever done. I’m also working on a musical. Staying busy!

Do you see yourself in NYC for the rest of your life?

Maybe not for the rest of my life, but definitely while I’m still young and active.

What’s your favorite thing about living in the city?

The variety of foods you can find in a half mile radius. It’s amazing.

What’s your least favorite thing about living in the city?

The extreme temperatures during summer and winter.

What is the craziest thing that’s happened to you while living in NYC?

Surprisingly not too much. My “craziest thing” is more positive: having the opportunity to perform at S.O.B.’s. As a hip hop head – that venue is sacred. Hip-hop legends have graced that stage. I had the opportunity to open up for the legendary Brownsville group MOP, met Large Professor, Tony Touch, Cormega, and some others. Had drinks and broke bread with Billy Danze from MOP, who has been a mentor to me these past couple of years. Shout out to WE BUILD HITS!!! It’s a beautiful thing!

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One thought on “173 Enough About Me! What About You? With Ronvé

  1. God bless you my nephew Ronve O’Daniel keep following your heart and your music and God will provide the rest

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