171 The Poop Slueths


Warning: This post is about poop.

Tuesday evening I was coming home and as I got off the train, everyone was avoiding a certain area of the stairs. As I walked by I looked down and saw an enormous pile of human poop on the stairs.

But that’s not all. The pile of human feces had a bunch of thin baby carrots sticking out of it. Disgusting.

My mother called that evening, and we had a long chat about how such a large pile of unformed excrement could end up on the stairs and be filled with baby carrots. A full colostomy bag? A child’s exploding diaper? An adult’s exploding diaper? Someone who just couldn’t hold it?

Andy pointed out that there are no public restrooms above ground in any of the stores or restaurants in the neighborhood, and the station bathrooms remained locked. This is his theory on why our station is used as one big bathroom. He may be right.

We just keep talking and talking about poop.


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