169 No Grilling in Prospect Park!


A few weeks ago a campaign started to end grilling in Prospect Park. Click HERE to view the petition.

The petition claims:

There is just TOO MUCH SMOKE!

Many of the “designated sections” where barbecuing is currently permitted are nearby to:

  • residential areas, where homes become full of smoke
  • the ball field, where children play baseball and soccer,
  • the 11th St and Prospect Park Southwest playgrounds, and
  • the Parkside park entrances and the park drive where hundreds if not thousands of people walk, jog and bike. 

As a resident of an area that borders this park, I was angry when I saw this petition covered by the local news. The side of the park I live on has the most grilling activity. It also is the lower-income side of the park as well. Where I live, people do not have backyards and treat Prospect Park as if it were their backyard. And guess what? I treat it like my backyard too (when I actually get my butt over there).

On the weekend, the park is full of families having parties and hanging out. I get jealous at times seeing these families gathered in the way that my family used to gather at North Park in Pittsburgh. They are having a great time, hurting no one, and for no reason do I think the grilling aspect of it should end.

Do I think the park needs to provide more cans for people to dispose of their charcoal correctly? Absolutely. Do some residents need to do a better job of cleaning up after themselves? Absolutely. But do we need to shut the grilling down? No.

One of my classmates (a lifelong resident of Brooklyn) forwarded me THIS counter-petition, which I signed.

Let’s keep Brooklyn family oriented for all!





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