164 Road Trip Week – Maine to Florida Part 2


After the previous day’s disaster, we left our apartment in the morning hoping to beat the rain.

When we got to New Jersey it started raining again. So as we did the day before, Andy turned on the wipers and I reached out of the window and hit them back with the ice scraper as needed. But then it started to rain harder, and neither of us could see out of the windshield. We were either going to die on the highway, or get a ticket.

Andy had an idea to rig a rope to the wipers and we could operate the wipers by pulling on the rope.  He MacGyvered it up, and the rope operation was under my control.

The wipers would go up, and I would reach out of the window and pull them back down as hard as I could. It was a better system than the ice scraper, and Andy’s idea was impressive. But after an hour of pulling the wipers down, I was over it. My arm was cold and wet, and I was cranky.

So Andy called his dad, and he instructed us to get the wipers fixed.

We pulled into a rest stop in Maryland that had automotive repair and they fixed the wipers while Andy and I ate Popeye’s chicken. The guys applauded Andy’s handiwork and said, “Wow! That is some real MacGyver shit.”

When the van was fixed, they pulled it out of the garage and there was oil all over the ground. Our van was leaking oil everywhere.

I wanted to cry.

Andy agreed to let the guys take a look, and there was an enormous crack in the oil pan. We sat outside on the curb watching them weld it back together, just laughing at how ridiculous this had become. The guys finished the work, we paid them, and headed south.

A few minutes outside of Maryland it started to rain again, and the wipers were finally working. But as they got going, we had to pull over as one of the new wipers started to fly off of the van. Andy pulled over just in time to grab it, and reattached it to the van.

We made it to Florida the next day, but only after finding a bunch of rotting fruit and a Taser in the van. That trip was quite the adventure, but it ended up being a great time. What doesn’t kill you… Right?

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