161 Lazy Sunday Confessions – Crying over a Sundae


I can’t eat dairy as it makes me physically ill. For years I would eat ice cream, and then would have an insatiable desire to throw up. I never really thought anything was wrong with that, until a doctor told me to stop eating dairy.

I am dairy free but I miss ice cream. We went to a vegan ice cream shop a few months ago, and it was good but bland.

Unhappy with my choices, I consulted Google to help me out, and to my surprise Brooklyn is home to three kosher and parve ice cream shops. What this means is they have dairy free ice cream. The small local chain is called ‘Ice Cream House’.

Last week, Andy and I walked to the Ice Cream House near our apartment, and I had a parve mint chocolate chip sundae. I cried. I cried in a packed ice cream shop where I was the only woman wearing pants and not wearing a wig. It was glorious.

But as we sat and ate, I saw a diverse group of people from the community coming in for ice cream. Despite all of our drastic differences, everyone was welcome.

I have to thank Ice Cream House, as you have filled a small hole in my heart. Now the issue will be keeping my butt out of that place.


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