156 What I Miss the Most


I was in my office this morning listening to the latest Coverville podcast, and a cover of Hooked on a Feeling came on. Suddenly I found myself dancing in my chair and singing out loud.

When I finally realized I was behaving like a fool, I laughed. But that outburst of song felt like something I miss a great deal: driving down the highway with the windows down and the radio on.

I miss owning a car.

I don’t miss the oil changes, accidents, traffic, insurance payments, inspections, etc., but I miss the freedom a car can bring.

Taking trains and busses everywhere comes with its own types of freedoms, but there is nothing like driving a 1.4 ton piece of metal down the road.

If you own a car,  contemplate the freedom it brings you the next time you are in it. You could be on a crowded bus or train with strangers sweating on you, but instead you are in control and free. Lucky you!

Happy Friday!


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