153 Three (3) for One (1) Martinis


This weekend Andy and I were walking through the Village, and we happened upon the restaurant pictured above. I am not sure how I had forgotten it, but it was a place I would frequent in 2005 on Monday nights with some regional theater friends.

I can’t even recall the name of the place, but they had 3 for 1 martinis, which meant we would pay $10 for  3 martinis per person. Then if we were really feeling daring, we would pay $20 for 6, which normally left me in a state of disrepair the next day.

If I recall correctly, the same group went to meet one Monday night and the place had closed, so we drank at another bar. The Monday night gatherings kind of ceased after that. How could any place compete with 3 for 1 martinis?

As time went on, our lives changed, and we all are doing our own thing now. I haven’t seen some of those folks in almost 10 years. But happening upon that place Saturday night, was a sweet reminder of those friends, and that time period. A time when it seemed that anything and everything was possible.


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