152 Stabby August


It’s August, and it’s the time of year when people get stabby. Andy started using “stabby” to describe a situation when you are walking around the city and people are acting more hostile than normal.

Yesterday was stabby from the time I left the house.

I got on the train in my neighborhood and a woman was riding with her 3 month daughter in a stroller. She had the baby under a blanket because of the cold air conditioning, and the baby kept trying to knock the blanket off . The mother kept screaming at the child and forcing her back under the blanket. Then every time the baby would wave her arms in the air the mother would hit and roughly shake her arms and force them back down by the baby’s side and scream at her again. Then, the baby started screaming uncontrollably and the mother started screaming back at her even louder. Everyone watched in horror, but no one said anything because the mother had that stabby look in her eye.

Then, we pulled into City Hall in Manhattan, and a man rolled onto the train in a wheelchair. He was sporting cornrows, a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt, and a stabby vibe. As soon as he got in the train he spotted a man and decided to start screaming at him. “Fuck you, you fucking asshole! What the fuck is your problem?!!”, he screamed. Then the man in the wheelchair stood up out of his chair, and punched the man in the face several times. The man being wailed on just stood there shocked. After it ended, the man sat back down in his wheelchair and they both stood next to on another holding the same pole in silence.

When I got to my stop, I was standing on the corner and there was a lot of foot traffic around me. A woman tried to cut in front of this guy and I was in the way, so she reached out with both of her hands and physically pushed me out-of-the-way. Then, I was in the way of the guy she tried to cut in front of, and he did the same thing to me and I fell into the cross walk post. Suddenly I was feeling stabby.

August is a dangerous month. Stay cool and keep your wits about you. And whatever you do, please don’t get stabby!


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