150 My Music Video Debut


In 2007, I was way into MySpace, and Gogol Bordello posted a casting call on their page for a music video shoot. I sent them my info, and they responded by casting me as an extra. It was a two-day shoot, and I had to play hooky from my job, so I only committed to one day.

The shoot was really fun. I sat around in a Williamsburg church basement, with a bunch of old Ukrainian people who started drinking at 9am.

Elijah Wood showed up at some point as he was dating one of the women in the band. We all pulled out our digital camera’s (no one had a smart phone at the time), and snapped pictures of him. Eugene Hütz, the band’s front man, stopped by our table and chatted us up. It was a fun day.

My only regret is that I didn’t return for the second day. That’s when all the group partying and dancing footage was shot, and apparently people stayed until 4am for an after party.

The final video is great. You can only see me for a half second (see still above).

I remember my parents saying, “That was interesting.” when they saw it. And I will agree, it’s not for everyone.


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