149 Consumer Woes Revisited – I Love My Mom


A month ago I wrote about a dress  I had purchased that had a flaw. After I returned it, I went online to reorder it and it was out of stock.

I loved that dress, and when I told my Mom about it, she put herself on a mission to find it.

My mom went to the local Macy’s in Pittsburgh and they gave her a list of stores in the US that had the dress in my size. She then spent over two hours calling each store until she located the dress in Maryland. They sold it to her over the phone for $100 less than I had paid for it, and shipped it to me in NYC.

My mom is a supermom. She recently sold my family’s second home via facebook in less than a week. She texts me when there are glaring mistakes in my blog. She tracked down the dress I wanted and paid next to nothing for it.

I am positive she can do anything she puts her mind to.

Thanks Mom! You’re the best!


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