148 Reading the Fine Print


Every Saturday I walk down the same street in downtown Brooklyn to pick up lunch. I always see an elderly woman outside of an office building protesting something which isn’t very clear.

The woman hands out rosaries and mumbles to everyone who walks by. Her husband sits on the stairs to the office building, not participating, and looking extremely miserable.

There really isn’t a lot of foot traffic on this street, and most people avoid her. I was always perplexed at her protesting. “Why is she protesting here? And what is she protesting?” I would say to myself.

Then last Saturday when I walked by, she had a sign. The sign was professionally printed and said “STOP ABORTIONS!”, over graphic abortion pictures. But I still couldn’t figure out why she had chosen that spot.

I bought a salad down the street, and when I walked past her on my way back to school, I realized that her sign contained some fine print. Towards the bottom of the poster where it said, “STOP ABORTIONS”, she added in tiny print, (On the 6th floor), with a Sharpie.

Ah yes! Now it all makes sense!

Sometimes it just takes a bit of specificity.


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