143 Pastor Andy Lyons


In 2006, Andy and I were working together at a regional theater in Pennsylvania. That summer, Andy received an offer from the theater to perform a fake  marriage ceremony on the property for $100.

The couple had 30-40 years between them and they had already gotten married, but their families didn’t know. The couple wanted to keep their elopement a secret, so that’s where Andy came in.

Andy went to Kohl’s and bought a black shirt, and got his haircut at the local cheapo salon. He ran over his lines a few times, and he was ready to fake marry these love birds.

I couldn’t hear the ceremony, but through the window I was hiding behind, I snapped the picture above. As soon as the ceremony was over, Andy hightailed it out of there as the couple didn’t want him fielding questions or making conversation.

I can’t say it was honest work, but Andy was $100 richer than he was the day before, and the bride and groom were pleased.

Happy 8th Anniversary to the happy couple, wherever you are.


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