136 Restaurant Week – Dayton Comes to NYC


If you knew me in college, you know that I worked at the local Steak n’ Shake in Fairborn, OH. After college, I continued to work the night shift at the Steak n’ Shake that opened up in Pittsburgh, while working the lunch shift at another restaurant.

I have a strange affinity for the place. I dig the food, and I was always treated well by the managerial staff. So of course when one opened up in mid-town, I was a little too excited.

One evening I was watching the 11:00pm news and they were interviewing some of the staff at the newly opened Steak n’ Shake Signature. Towards the end of the segment, they cut to the general manager named Dawn, to finish out the interview. I looked up, and it was my shift manager from the Fairborn, OH store. I couldn’t believe it.

I was so excited for her. Dawn was one of the best managers I had worked for in a restaurant setting, and she had struggled to make ends meet as a single mother in Dayton. She stuck with the company, and they rewarded her by promoting her to general manager of the new restaurant right in the heart of mid-town.

One afternoon I stopped in to say hello. Dawn was at a training event in New jersey, but the staff assured me she was loving her new home and her new job title.

I haven’t seen Dawn in 11 years, but her success made me happy. Plus, I love the fact I found out about it on the local news.


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