135 Restaurant Week – Theatrical Servers


Last week I went to Dos Caminos for lunch. I was with a party of 4, and the server came up and said, “Hi my name is Brian, and I will be your server today.”

I looked up at the server and shouted, “BRIAN?!?!”

Brian said, “OH MY GOD! APRIL?!”

The other lunch attendees at our table were confused as they thought I was being a jerk until they realized I knew our server.

Brian and I had worked together in the first regional theater production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and It had been 10 years since I had seen him.

We caught up, talked about life, actor struggles, and how the rent is too damn high. It was so good to see him.

New York is so crazy at times. I occasionally run into people I know, but the city is so big that it can take 10 years for it to happen.


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