133 Lazy Sunday Confessions – Maple Syrup


I grew up using syrup, like the one pictured above, on breakfast foods.

After meeting Andy, I found out that his sister and her husband run a farm in Vermont and produce their own organic maple syrup.“Ugh!” I thought. “How can I possibly tell them that I dislike real maple syrup?” I only like the kind that is fake, tastes like butter, filled with horrible ingredients, that floats on top of the pancakes.

I broke the news to them a few years ago, and was so completely embarrassed. In fact I am still ashamed of my feelings towards the real thing. How could I not enjoy something so pure and tasty?

Over the years, they have been so kind as to send us syrup, and I have finally grown to love it. We do not stock any fake syrup in our home anymore, and I have even eaten their maple sugar out of the bag with a spoon.

It’s not always easy to change your mind about something, but I am glad I changed my mind about maple syrup. Now only if I could change my mind about seafood.


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