131 HBO Bringing Old Friends Together

When I was in 3rd grade I started singing in a children’s choir in Pittsburgh, and made a friend named Matt. As years went by, Matt and I lost touch, until I randomly saw him waiting for the R train in Astoria in 2006. Then we lost touch again until I saw him on the street in mid-town last year.

He told me what his FB name was, and for months and months I searched and couldn’t find him.

While watching HBO one night, I saw an ad for Doll & Em, and Matt was in it. With a little IMDB work, I found him (his name is Griffin Matthews) and I found his FB page. I figured I would see that he was working in theater somewhere or on another TV show, but I was blown away by what he was actually doing.

Griffin is one of the creators of  Witness Uganda. From the website: Witness Uganda documents the story of a man battling to find his place in a world full of injustice and inhumanity and explores the question “is changing the world even possible?”

Even though Griffin and I have lost touch, and continue to lose touch, I am proud of my childhood friend for his drive in creating theater and charitable works that are deeply human.

Witness Uganda is coming to Broadway next year, and I can’t wait to see it.

Kudos Griffin!


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