128 2nd Anniversary Gift


Monday is our second wedding anniversary, and cotton is the traditional gift. I was scrolling through FB a few months ago, and a sketch comedy colleague of mine posted jewelry she had made of bridal fabric and lace, as gifts for a bridal party. Ah ha! I thought. What a great way to incorporate cotton for a second anniversary gift.

So I got Melissa, owner of NYC based Passion & Mirth, some of our fabric and she worked her magic. The cufflinks on the right are for Andy, and I bought myself the pendant. I cannot wait to wear it.

Passion & Mirth will be at the Eat, Drink, and Buy Local Summer Market at Walter’s Bar this weekend. Stop by 389 8th Ave (29th street) in Manhattan on Sunday from noon-6 to check out her wares!

If you are getting married, or want a wonderful keepsake for any occasion, I highly suggest Passion & Mirth.

Thanks Melissa!

Check out Passion & Mirth’s Etsy page HERE.

Check out Passion & Mirth’s FB page HERE.

Bridal party gifts by Passion & Mirth:




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