125 My Favorite Wedding Memory


Andy and I got married at Kennywood Park, which is an amusement park in Pittsburgh, PA. We love rollercoasters, and thought it would be the perfect locale for our nuptials.

The park agreed to have us all ride a few rides together after the ceremony by letting us cut the lines en masse.

One of our choices was the Racer, which is a continuous track, racing roller coaster, built in 1927. We had almost 150 people cut the line, and it took three runs of the coaster to accommodate everyone. Right before they sent the cars out of the station, they would announce, “Congratulations April and Andy!!”, and everyone would cheer, including the other park guests in line.

Then, in typical Pittsburgh fashion, the third time we filled the cars they announced “Congratulations April and Andy!”, and the crowd waiting in line started violently booing us. Then someone yelled, “Screw you April and Andy!!” Andy and I looked at each other and laughed hysterically.

It was the first time in my 30 years that I got to cut the line at Kennywood, and it was so fun. I felt like such a lucky kid that day.



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