124 A Little G&T


In 2006 I met a wonderful woman in central Pennsylvania named Zele. We were working on some shows together and she introduced me to what is now my favorite summer drink: the gin and tonic.

If you have never spent a summer in central PA, it’s a  beautiful time of year. The rolling hills are lush and green, and there is just enough summer haze in the air at dusk to make the landscape look ethereal.

Zele and I would spend our evenings sitting on the porch, sipping gin and tonics, looking at the landscape, and sharing wisdom. It was the perfect summer escape from NYC.

Every time I walk past a stinking pile of summer trash in NYC, I think of her and our G&T time, and wish I had Doc Brown’s DeLorean.

Μου λείπεις Zele!


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