121 Hit By A Car


Last week, I was walking in my neighborhood after my evening classes, and I heard a man get hit by a car. I say “heard”, as I only witnessed the loud thud.

The man was apparently standing on the street, just off the curb, and a car backed up at about 30 mph and hit him. He fell over and hit his head on the ground.

The man was writhing in the street as the woman who was driving got out of the car.

She eyed the man, and in her thick Jamacian Patois, yelled, “What are you doing standin in da road? What is your problem?”

To which the man she hit, who was now standing said, “You hit me you bitch!”

The woman responded, “You were standing in da road. It wasn’t my fault. Maybe you should get a job. You need a job. I won’t be no paycheck for you.”

The woman then got back in her car and sped away.

When I turned around to see if the man was ok, he was hobbling off into the darkness and then disappeared.


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