116 “Hey Goy!”


In 2011, Andy and I were subleasing a room in Rego Park, Queens. The neighborhood was a diverse group of people, including a large group of observant Uzbek Jews.

One day Andy was walking down the street, and a woman called out from her home, “Goy! Hey Goy! Hey Goy! Goy!”

Andy finally realized she was talking to him so he turned around.

She then yelled, “Goy! My husband is not home, I have the children, and it’s Shabbos. Can you please move my car?”

Andy agreed, so she gave him the keys. He moved the car to another part of the street and then returned her keys. The woman was very thankful for his act of kindness.

This story has always shocked me as I am not sure how comfortable I would be handing my car keys to some stranger. However, I am glad to see some neighborly trust still exists in New York.

Oh! And Andy makes a great Shabbos Goy.



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