113 Hangover Fridays


Friday morning can be a fun time to ride the subway to work, depending on the number of riders traveling who are obviously suffering from a hangover.

The most epic Friday hangover I have ever witnessed on the subway, was earlier this year in March.

The hangover victim was a young man in his 20’s. He looked like he was going to puke at any moment, as he hung on to the overhead pole with both hands.

At one point I looked over and he had removed his hands from the pole and was trying to tie his necktie. However, he was trying to tie it the way you would tie your shoelaces, not a necktie. This was really confusing to me, as I am not sure how you can confuse the two knots. But then again, I wasn’t hung-over at the time.

After 5 failed attempts, he tried again, but this time he tied his headphones into the knot. He looked down and grunted in disgust.

I looked over, and another woman had watched the scene as well. When our eyes met, she shook her head, and we both erupted into laughter.

Hangover Fridays are the best, unless you are the victim.


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