102 Adrian Grenier’s Luggage


In 2012, Andy and I were on our way back from Jamaica, and Adrian Grenier was on our connecting flight boarding somewhere down South.

I did a double take, as I noticed him sitting in coach, not in business or first where I expected to see him. He was also sitting in the middle seat looking as uncomfortable as the rest of us on the packed flight.

We landed at LGA, and when he got up to get his luggage from the overhead compartment, he pulled out a garbage bag full of clothes. “Huh. That’s interesting.”, I thought.

I assumed we would see him at baggage claim waiting for his “proper luggage”, but instead he was in the taxi line up ahead in front of us, just carrying his garbage bag. When it was his turn, he threw the bag in the trunk of the cab, and probably headed off to Park Slope.

It was like the US Weekly montage: Stars are Just Like Us!

Bold move Grenier! Thanks for keeping it real.


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