101 I Stole Her Man


I was walking down Rodgers Ave. in Brooklyn, on my way to buy groceries, and I saw a woman up ahead who was acting erratically.

She was walking with a cane, and started waving it in the air and yelling gibberish. Then she made the sign of the cross frantically, something like 10 times.

As I got closer I thought, “Don’t make eye contact. Don’t look at her.”

I passed her and she yelled, “HEY!”, at me.

I stopped, and looked at her. She had such a beautiful face, yet her hair and her clothes were completely disheveled. There was a distant look in her eye.

The woman yelled, “THIS WOMAN STOLE MY MAN!”, as she pointed her cane at me.

Not knowing what else to say, I replied, “I am really sorry.”

She looked me in the eye and replied in a calm, hushed tone, “That’s OK. Because I killed him.”, then she laughed wildly.

I am sure her confession wasn’t true, but I guess I will never know…


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