100 A Change in Me


Last week I was on the subway, and there was a woman next to me drinking coffee. She wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing and dropped her coffee. The coffee cup lid exploded off the cup, and hot coffee splashed all over my pants and my blue suede shoes.

For a second I stopped and realized I could handle this two ways:

1. Cause a stink and make the woman feel bad.

2. Just relax and let it go.

For the first time since I have moved to New York, I chose the “let it go” option.

The woman looked at me and said, “I am so sorry!”

I just responded, “That’s OK.”

And that was it.

I walked away surprisingly calm, and it didn’t ruin my day like it could have.


4 thoughts on “100 A Change in Me

  1. What a hard thing to do, but so rewarding. Hopefully karma was good to you and you had 1) remembered to pre-treat your suede shoes with protectant or 2) were able to remove coffee stains with handy tide-to-go pen.

  2. Just reading day 99. I feel like sometimes the environment lends to taking the high vs low road. Like if the woman had run over ur foot once, fine, annoying but fine. But twice with pursed lips, that is a no go. Hope day 98 is kinder. 😀

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