98 Thoth and Tribal Baroque

Last weekend, we were hanging out with some out-of-town guests. The one thing that is always on the agenda is a trip to Central Park to see Thoth and Tribal Baroque.

When Andy and I first happened upon these performances, or prayformances, it was just Thoth. Thoth is now joined by Lila’Angelique, and together they form Tribal Baroque.

We sat for 2 hours last Saturday and watched the prayformances, and the reactions of people passing by. It’s an amazing way to spend the day. The music is unique, spiritual, and sublime.

If you want to check it out, they prayform in the Bethesda Arcade (Angel Tunnel) Wednesday -Sunday from 3-5pm.

There is an Oscar winning documentary short of Thoth HERE. If you have 45 minutes, it’s definitely worth a watch. From YouTube: “Filmmaker Sarah Kernochan leads us through the details of Thoth’s eccentric life’s journey, and we discover his mission: no less than to heal the disunity of the world.”

I took the following pictures last Saturday, to document our yearly pilgrimage:

10348788_10152380748628657_4707615988946171048_o 10633438_10152380749443657_6993612021793426299_o 10655230_10152380749603657_4024822215249295268_o 10694323_10152380749483657_703500733809132213_o



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