97 Lazy Sunday Confessions – ‘Uptown Girl’

When I think about quintessential New York songs, I think of Uptown Girl. Despite that Andy HATES this song, I LOVE IT. It’s pure mindless pop, and it makes me want to dance.

We don’t listen to this song at home, because ‘The Stranger’ was the first Billy Joel album that Andy ever listened to, and Uptown Girl offends Andy’s music sensibility and deep love of Billy Joel’s music. Fair enough, but I think he needs to just bend to the magical sugary pop powers of this throwback smash doo wop hit (with a really bad video), and embrace the fun.

If you support my love of this song, I want you to stop what you are doing now, and play it as loud as you can. If you are on team Andy, let’s agree to disagree.

Have a fabulous Sunday!




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