94 Why We Walk So Fast


We walk briskly in NYC. It’s a fact.

I write this as I am traveling home after the normal rush hour, and I ran down into the station so I didn’t miss my train. At this hour, if I miss the train I have to wait 20 minutes for the next train.

I arrived on the platform only to see the local train I needed pull out of the station. So I got on the express that pulled in, knowing we would make it to the next express stop before the local I should have been on.

Then the train was held in the station for 3 minutes before we left. But then we finally got going, and pulled into the next stop, as the local train I needed was pulling out of the station. I had to wait for 20 minutes for the next train as I missed the same train twice.

This is why we walk briskly. Instead of spending an extra 20 minutes at home with Andy, I was standing among strangers in a hot subway station because I stalled at school. If I had only left school instead of BSing with my classmate, or ran across the street before the light changed, or if the damn train didn’t wait for 3 minutes before leaving,  I would have been at home eating dinner.

It only takes one random incident to make you miss what you needed, so we are always thinking ahead, and walking briskly.


2 thoughts on “94 Why We Walk So Fast

  1. So glad you wrote on the disaster that is MTA. I only noticed how fast I walked in NYC when I travelled out of town. Even in Chicago people don’t walk as fast. Only in NYC must you move at the speed of a runner, but keep the appearance of walking. Like you, I had a reason for fast walking. Yes, the train was always a motivation, but for me I simply wanted to get home quickly. I enjoyed the solace of my apt, and after a day in the concrete jungle of Manhattan, Astoria was a breath of fresh air.

  2. I think I could dedicate an entire month to the disaster that is the MTA. Seriously. My brother yelled at me last month in Pennsylvania as we were walking in a park, and apparently I was walking too fast. 🙂

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