92 ‘The Good Wife’ Part 2 – The Shake Weight Extra


Yesterday, I talked about being an extra on The Good Wife, and how it upped the WOW Factor when people ask me if they have seen me in anything.

Today, I want to talk about the Shake Weight Extra.

The Good Wife shoot was a long shoot that started at 5 pm and ended at 5 am. We were all holed up in a courthouse in the Bronx, sitting on folding chairs, waiting to go on set. I could see Chris Noth and Titus Welliver down the hall sitting on director’s chairs, drinking coffee. In the other direction, there was a rather built man with a thick Brooklyn accent, shaking a Shake Weight.

The Shake Weight was doing that wiggly thing, back and forth, over his head, in front of him, and on each side of his body. The only time the guy put the thing down was when we went on set.

After a few hours, he had drawn a crowd of young men and older women while shaking his Shake Weight. People were asking him if the thing actually worked. Can I try it? Do you love it? And eventually, they were cheering him on as he shook it harder and harder showing off his feats of strength and hard arm muscles.

Then craft services announced lunch. Everyone ran to the buffet, and he stood across the room alone, shaking his weight.

Eventually, he put the Shake Weight down, grabbed some food, and someone gave up their seat for him at a crowded table. Everyone fawned over him. Chris Noth was sitting two tables away and no one cared. This guy was the true celebrity of the evening.


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