91 Next Weekend is OHNY!


Next weekend is Open House New York. If you are around and have some time on your hands, you should check it out.

From the website:

OHNY is now known locally, nationally and internationally for its free Annual OHNY Weekend—an unparalleled citywide cultural event in October that showcases hundreds of NYC’s most architecturally and culturally significant spaces and places, many not usually open to the public, in neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs—and its ability to open doors, providing unique opportunities to learn about, explore and experience NYC’s built environment.

First of all, most of the weekend is completely FREE. Secondly, if you are on top of it, you can plan two full days of tours and fun throughout the 5 boroughs. Click HERE for the online guide for the event. Thirdly, participating in OHNY is a great time.

There are some tours that are reservation only, and they are now charging $5 per person for each tour through Eventbrite.  A few years ago, Andy and I got a private tour of the final piece of the High Line before it’s completion, so the reserved tours are the best events of the weekend.

This year we missed the day they announced the private tours, and some of the cool stuff like canoeing in the Gowanus Canal, and a private tour of the Woolworth building, is sold out. However, there is plenty left to see and do.

Besides the tours, amazing things can happen. For instance, a few years ago I used a heated bidet for the first time on an OHNY tour at the Japan Society. That was an experience to remember!

Check it out next weekend. You will love it!


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