90 Lazy Sunday Confessions – NYC Pet Peeve Week


There are certain things about life as humans that can a bit irritating at times. This week I want to relieve some stress by dedicating an entire week to sharing my NYC pet peeves, by getting them right out in the open.

This week’s  confession: I would rather use a men’s bathroom over a filthy women’s bathroom any day.

I took the picture above at the new Lakeside, in Prospect Park a few weekends ago, and I have a few questions… Women, how does this happen?! How do you not flush the toilet and leave all of that nasty toilet paper laying all over it? Why do you insist on peeing all over the seats? Why do you not clean up your urine off the floor when you missed the toilet? Why do you leave the bathroom a damn germy mess?

In your quest to avoid germs, you make it germier for the rest of us.

I was at school a few weeks ago, and a woman in the nursing school told another student, that a nurse finally set her straight on this matter. The woman said, she had been at the hospital with the RN, and used the bathroom right before her and peed everywhere and didn’t clean up. The RN pulled her aside and said, “I am not sure how you were brought up, but do not EVER do that again in this hospital. It’s disgusting and rude.”

Here, here! It’s gross, and it drives me somewhat batty.


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