89 NYC Pet Peeve Week – Not Moving Into the Center of the Train


Rush hour is a special time in NYC. The MTA is falling into a horrible abyss that they can’t seem to climb out of, and rush hour travelers are getting the brunt of the situation.

My rush hour pet peeve is: People not moving into the center of a packed train.

Why does this bother me? Because some people refuse to utilize all the space on the train and additional passengers cannot board the train. I have poorly illustrated this in the picture above.

A great deal of the time when I wait for rush hour trains, there is no room to get inside the doors, so I wait for the next train. Then when the train pulls out of the station, I see through the windows that there is room for at least 10 more people in the areas riders won’t spill into.

This is MADNESS.

I believe the reasoning behind this is:

1. People like to stand by the doors so they can exit before everyone else, and, therefore, won’t move into the center of the train.

2. Someone is blocking the way to the empty part of the train by wearing a large backpack.

3. People don’t understand the laws of physics.

4. People don’t care about anyone else getting on the train as long as they got their butts on the train.

I have seen the videos of train pushers in Japan, and I am starting to think we could use a few here in NYC. Until that time, help your fellow New Yorker out, and step all the way into the train. Thank you.

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