87 NYC Pet Peeve Week – Holding the Elevator


In the building where I work, there are three sets of elevator banks with five elevators in each bank. Because of this, getting an elevator in a timely manner is generally not an issue. However, once one boards the elevator, the doors can take some time to close.

Because of the lag in the closing doors, often, just as the doors are almost shut, someone sticks their hand in to reopen the doors. The passenger gets on, and often doesn’t apologize for the delay. We all stand and wait. Then finally the doors start to close again, and out of nowhere, someone else sticks their hand in.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”, I think, as we are now waiting again for the doors to close and leave the ground floor.

My personal record for this is 4 times. It’s maddening.

The worst part is, after the annoyance, we are then stuck in the elevator with the perpetrator(s). It takes everything in me not to make some snide comment, but I never do. It would be a waste of time, and most likely ruin my morning.

So I take a deep breath, and within seconds, I am walking off the elevator into the office. I find solace in knowing that the perpetrator is probably off inconveniencing someone else.


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