86 NYC Pet Peeve Week – Cycling on the Sidewalk


If you are not a New Yorker, you may not know that riding a bike on the sidewalks of NYC is illegal. If you are a New Yorker, you may not know it’s illegal either, or you do, and you might do it anyways.

I think cycling in NYC is great, but riding bikes on the sidewalk really makes my blood pressure rise. Plain and simple, it’s dangerous for pedestrians.

Between the food delivery guys and the people out for recreation, I feel like I am dodging a bike daily.

I knew someone who did some cycling in NYC, and frustrated at the situation, I started the following conversation:

Me: I can’t stand people who ride their bikes on the sidewalk.

Cyclist: Really? Huh….

Me: Do you ride your bike on the sidewalk?

Cyclist: Yes. I do it quite often.

Me: Don’t you know it’s illegal?

Cyclist: Yeah I know it’s illegal, but the streets are not always safe to ride on and I want to stay safe.

Me: Then why don’t you just walk your bike on the sidewalk until you feel safe to ride?

Cyclist: Well that would defeat the purpose of me riding my bike, wouldn’t it?

And there you have it.

I often wonder if the strong sense of entitlement that New Yorkers have, occurs in other cities?

If you are interested in the specific NYS statute, click HERE.


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