85 NYC Pet Peeve Week – Subway “Preachers”


Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are amazing rights, but spewing hate and prejudice on the subway by veiling it with religious text just sucks.

These “godly” bias rants have been something I have witnessed a great deal over these past 9 years, and I am over it.

My last run in with a subway preacher was aimed at me personally. The train was between express stops. I was next to a group of Orthodox Jewish men, and a “preacher” started up with his spiel.  I need to mention that the preacher assumed I was Jewish, which happens to me a lot in New York.

The “preacher” turned to us and said, “And you Jews! (While pointing at me and the man next to me) You are all going to hell for not believing in the Lord Jesus Christ! And you know what? I am damn TIRED of hearing you complain about the Holocaust. Just sick of it.”

Well then! Don’t hold anything back. I am glad Jesus told you to come out today to tell us how bigoted you are.

You can’t argue with the biased, so I didn’t waste my time. Maybe if he had brought me facts, I would have listened up and heeded his message.

The only real appropriate response in situations like this is: “Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.” And that was all it was. Just his opinion.


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