84 NYC Pet Peeve Week – I Heart NY


I will finish the week by saying that my biggest pet peeve is how NYC is so easy to fall in love with. Seriously.

Despite the struggle, I love this city and it’s people very much. Because of this, the thought of moving somewhere that would make my life easier isn’t something I can rationally think about.

I have often heard that living in NYC is like being in an abusive relationship. The relationship that you know you should leave, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it. Why? Because maybe tomorrow New York will love me right back and respect me. Just maybe.

But when people say NYC is like no other place in the world, they are right. It’s an enormous melting pot of people, ideas, and experiences that can successfully cohabitate. It has opened my mind and my small world to so many things, and because of that, New York will always have my heart.


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