82 Catered Camping


When not working in theater or the food service industry, I have always had Columbus Day off while living in NYC.

In 2007, Andy and I took advantage of the last long weekend before Thanksgiving and went catered camping. Catered camping may sound like fake camping to you, but for New Yorkers without a car, it’s perfect.

Malouf’s Mountain made it easy for Andy and me to get our great outdoors fix, without having to rent a car and buy a bunch of extra gear.

We do have camping gear, so we packed the tent and bags, and packed in all of our food for the weekend. Andy and I took Metro North, and when we exited the train, someone from the camp came and picked up our things. They drove off, and  Andy and I hiked the mile into the camp.

The sites have platforms with cooktops with cooking supplies provided. They have primitive sites as well, for those who want to completely outfit themselves.

We had firewood delivered to us daily, but if we wanted, we could have also had food delivered that we would have then cooked ourselves. They even provide tents at an extra charge, if you don’t have one.

It is a secluded camp that you can only reach by hiking, so there isn’t a lot to do except hiking the nearby trails. But we were looking to unplug, so that was plenty for us. We brought books and playing cards, and had ourselves a blast. Coffee and pancakes in the morning, s’mores and wine at the fire before bed.

If you are in NYC and are looking for a great place to unplug, this is it. We had a blast and highly recommend it.


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