80 April to the Rescue


The picture above is not our tub.

Andy is a smart man. My parents refer to him as Mister Know It All. It’s a good nickname for him.

Every once in a while our tub backs up, mainly because of a buildup of my curly hair in the drain. When this happens, Andy gets out the plunger and the wire hangers to go to town on the drain.

This happened two weeks ago around 6am. When I woke up, I walked towards the bathroom and saw Andy sweating profusely. He was vigorously plunging the bathtub, while the cat straddled the open toilet, watching intently.

I yelled, “Run the sink at full blast for a few minutes, and it will take care of the problem.” This tactic had been successful previously.

Andy disregarded my suggestion.

After a few minutes of frustrated plunging, Andy left the bathroom and I went in to get ready for the day. I turned on my electric tooth-brush, and put the faucet in the sink on at full blast while I brushed my teeth. The water from the sink started to back up into the tub, and the drain started gurgling.

Once the gurgling started, I turned off the sink, and  the 6 inches of murky water went right down the drain.

I yelled, “I fixed the bathtub!”

He yelled back, “You mean WE fixed the bathtub.”

I chuckled.

OK maybe it was a joint effort, but it felt good being Mrs. Know it All for a moment.

Have a great weekend!


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