77 Starbucks Déjà Vu


I was standing on the sidewalk in midtown by a Starbucks one afternoon, when I saw a woman walk out of the Starbucks that was down the block with a Venti iced coffee. When she walked past the Starbucks I was standing in front of,  she stopped to look in the window.

I wonder what passed through her mind as she looked in?

“Should I grab a pastry?” or “I have to use the restroom.” Perhaps, “Maybe I should go in and get another coffee, just because I can.” But most likely, “Am I experiencing déjà vu?! I swear, I was just in there!”

Manhattan alone has 200 plus Starbucks, so the probability of experiencing Starbucks Déjà Vu is kind of high.

200 plus Starbucks on a 33.77 square mile island…That’s a lot of expensive coffee!


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