75 Homeless Colony


Up at the top of Manhattan, you can find a large, mostly untouched park. If you venture in, like Andy and I did 6 years ago, you can find yourself deep in the woods, removed from anything remotely urban.

From the NYC Parks website: “There’s old New York, and then there’s old New York.  Inwood Hill Park is a living piece of old New York.”

Andy and I only went there once, mainly because after our visit, some local teens started tasering runners as they came out of the park. But during our one and only hike, we came upon a homeless colony. It was like the hooverville of Inwood.

It had not occurred to me until that moment, that there is a place in Manhattan so hidden away, that the homeless could live unbothered by the police and other New Yorkers.

We didn’t stick around to check it out, but I often wonder if the colony is still there and if it has grown. Unless the police have discovered it, I am sure it’s still there.

If you are in the area, you should check out the park. It’s not unsafe, but there is something weird about being lost in the woods on the island of Manhattan.



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