73 Mandoo Bar


Have you had Korean food? If you haven’t, stop everything you are doing and go and get some!

But seriously, Korean food is awesome. We have a small Koreatown in NYC, located East of Herald Square, where you can eat delicious food and sing Karaoke.

My first, and favorite Korean food experience was at the Mandoo Bar. Their dumplings, or mandu, are delicious. The fried meat filled ones called Goon Mandoo, are my favorite.

BUT, if you want a truly amazing experience, try the hot stone bowl bibimbap which looks like this:


The server brings it to your table, asks how spicy you want it, and then mixes it all together in a stone bowl that is so hot it will burn you. As you eat, the rice sticks to the side of the bowl and becomes crispy. At the end of the meal, you can scrape the rice off the sides and devour it’s crunchy deliciousness.

Each time we eat there, it is mainly filled with people of Korean heritage, so that speaks to the authenticity of this place. I highly recommend it to anyone who can use chopsticks, because that’s the only utensil available.


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