69 Five-O


Andy likes to wear hoodies in all seasons but summer.  In the dead of winter, he often wears his hoodie under his coat and the hood sticks out the top, so you can always see he has one on. When it gets really cold, he wears his hood up to keep his head warm.

When we lived in the area between Washington Heights and Inwood, there was noticeable gang activity. Mainly teens and young 20 something’s acting as corner boys; but it also included the occasional violent gang fight and shootings.

When Andy and I would walk down our street, you would hear the corner boys yell, “Five-O! Five-O!”, to warn that police were present.

I had always just thought they were randomly yelling it, but Andy quickly figured out they were referring to him. They thought he was an undercover cop.

Every once in a while he still gets similar reactions while walking down the street. Recently in Brooklyn someone yelled, “I smell bacon!”, at him. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Human perception is a strange and powerful thing.


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