63 She Backhanded Me


Last week I sat down on the train next to a woman who looked kind of iffy or unstable.

The woman was in her 60’s, and she had a beard. There was a blank look in her eyes, but I figured she looked safe enough to sit next to.

After about 20 minutes, she started forcefully elbowing me. I thought it was weird, but maybe she was having a spasm.

After 30 minutes, the train cleared out a bit so I moved a few inches away from her. I then saw her extend her leg, and she kicked me with it. I looked at her, and then looked around to see if anyone else noticed it. A couple of people across from us noticed and they both gave me an unsure look. Then she kicked me again.

I now knew she had a mental issue, so I ignored her. Then before I could move away, I saw the back of her hand coming quickly at me, and she hit me in the face.

I turned to her and yelled in the most authoritative way I could, “DON’T TOUCH ME!”

This caused her to get up out of her seat and go on a five-minute mumbling rant by the train door that went like this:

“That bitch. She tried to kill me. Don’t come near me bitch, I will kill you. I will come over there and fucking break you. You tried to attack me. You tried to kill me. I will kill you!”

I ignored her and at the next stop she got off of the train.

The two women sitting across from me, stared at me in disbelief. I shrugged my shoulders.

Some days in this city are sure harder than others. Seriously.


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