61 Slippers as Shoes?

I have noticed a fashion trend that I want to discuss: women wearing slippers in public.

I noticed this trend last winter, and it’s popped back up again this fall. It doesn’t matter what neighborhood, it’s everywhere. I saw it last night in Brooklyn, and see it daily on Park Ave.

Now, I am not talking about someone who is wearing slippers to take the trash out, I am talking about women in skinny jeans, or in business suits, sporting slippers.

Moccasins are in (maybe?), and I think possibly women are confusing these:


for these:


The shoes at the top were found online under the category of slippers, and the ones below were found under shoes.

So are shearling house shoes acceptable as outside shoes in the fashion world? Are women confused, or do they just not give a damn?

I did see someone on the train the other day in a business suit and slippers like this:


That was a sight to behold.


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