60 Laundromat Woes

Impatient Washers

I wrote this in 2009:

Two weeks ago at the Laundromat I frequent, the attendant told me that I had to remove my laundry so she could use it for another customer. I hadn’t started my washer yet, but I took everything out.

I asked her, “Why do you have use this one? There are 4 more open washers!” She stood over me and yelled, “Take your stuff out now!”

I tried to move to another washer, and she wouldn’t let me by blocking it with her body. I stood there and waited as she continued to fill all of 9 washers.

A few minutes later, in comes her friend with coffee and doughnuts. It was her friend’s laundry.

I was so outraged that I packed up my laundry and walked down the street to another place and it all worked out.

Then this past Saturday, I went back to the new place.  Everything was fine until I left to go next door to pick up my dry-cleaning.

I had 10 minutes left on my dryers and I came back after 6 minutes.

When my dryers completed their cycle, I realized that one of my dryers had already been removed. The woman next to me pointed down at the end of the Laundromat, and my clothes were there in a basket. I asked her if she did this, and she said, “yes.”

I asked her why, and she said, “I Don’t Know”.

The attendant told me she took my stuff out of the dryer as soon as I walked out and put her stuff in to use my remaining time. There were 15 other dryers open.

Laundry has always been one of my least favorite activities, and it’s not gotten any better since we moved to upper Manhattan.



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