58 Throwing Up in Cabs


If you throw up in a NYC cab, it will cost you extra.

I am not going to get into the details of how I know this, but the only time this happened to me, I think it cost $75 extra. And it cost my dear friend his iPod.

The charge is a fair trade-off, since it puts the cabbie out of commission until the cab gets cleaned. However, I have heard a few stories from friends who have told me that when feeling the need to puke, they told the cabbie, and the driver refused to pull over. We can imagine how those stories ended.

Andy and I were in that situation a few months ago, after he was put under general anesthesia for a procedure, and he suddenly had the need to throw up on the ride home.  We were so thankful that the driver pulled over, so he could relieve his nausea outside of the cab.

Although, I would rather someone puke in a car than on the subway. I have experienced that twice, and it was truly horrific!




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