56 Three Dollar Watch


Commuting is generally a pain in the butt. I am more than happy to shake my fist at the MTA, however, every once in a while I will side with the MTA.

It was a Monday morning in 2011, and I was waiting for the R train to arrive. The platform was filling up fast, and we waited for over ten minutes without seeing a train go by.

We were all annoyed, but there was a guy next to me who was loosing his shit. He was a 50 something man in business attire, who was loudly grumbling about how he couldn’t believe that there we no trains!!

When the R train pulled into the station, he looked the train operator right in the eye, as he pointed at his watch and shook his head.

The doors opened, and we all squished on the train.

The conductor came over the loud-speaker and said, “Next stop is Union. And to the man who shook his head and pointed at his three dollar watch: if you don’t like the way we run things around here, find another way to get to work.”

Three dollar watch?! I almost died laughing.

The angry man, looked up stunned and red-faced. He was the only one not laughing.


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