53 Angry Walking Face


Are you familiar with bitchy resting face? I am not sure if I suffer from it, but I do suffer from angry walking face.

When I walk around the city, I generally have a murderous look on my face. I used to hate it, but I have grown to accept and love this about myself. Why? Because people generally leave me alone.

Yesterday morning I was waiting at an intersection across from my local subway station, carrying my work stuff and 20 lbs. of musician gear.  I looked across the street and noticed one of the two Jehovah’s Witnesses who hand out religious fliers on a daily basis, pointing at me.

She said as she pointed at me, “Look at that white lady. She looks mad. White people always look so mad.”

Aside from the pointing, I knew she was referring to me as I was the only white person on the corner. So I shot her the angriest look I muster up, and her eyes got really big as she realized I had heard her.

Then as I walked towards them with my angry walking face, the woman said to the other Jehovah’s Witness, “See I told you.”

I laughed.

If I hadn’t been so tired, I would have stopped and said, “I don’t really know much about your religion. But if it’s all about standing on the street corner and judging people as they go by; I’m not interested.”

I used to get mad about this kind of stuff, but it doesn’t phase me much anymore. However, it’s always nice when people put their true colors right out there, so I don’t have to waste my time on niceties.


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