52 Mass Transit in Bermuda


One thing I love about traveling is taking advantage of other cities’ transportation systems. It nice to see where the MTA is doing a great job, and where they aren’t.

About a year ago we were in Bermuda, and we rode their busses around the island. On Bermuda’s public transportation system,  there is a rule that you cannot stand to exit the bus until the bus has come to a complete stop. Because of this rule, offloading and loading the bus was extremely civil.

It totally eradicated the issue of having to move or let go of the pole on a moving train (or bus in this case), when an impatient seated passenger wants to stand to get to the door between stops. I have seen this behavior cause other passengers to fall on the train, as well as causing heated arguments. I don’t move for passengers who do this. You can wait. We can all wait.

I applaud Bermuda for taking steps to keep their passenger’s safe and their frustrations to a minimum. Because of this tiny adjustment, passengers also let the busses empty at stops before they try to crowd on. This was something I haven’t ever seen here in NYC.

If you haven’t been to Bermuda, I highly suggest it. It’s truly a beautiful place filled with lovely people, and the public transportation is aces.




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